“I’ve known Brett for twelve years, he is a strong believer in conservative values and is exactly who we need to represent Arizona at the Republican National Committee. He has my full support.”

Sal DiCiccio
Phoenix City Councilman
CD 9, LD 18

“Brett and I go back over a decade and in that time, he's proven himself as an effective and extremely hardworking loyal conservative Republican. We can trust Brett to have the best interests of both President Trump and Arizona Republicans at heart.”

Shiree Verdone
AZ Trump Victory Finance Chair
CD 6, LD 23

“Brett Mecum is exactly the Pro-Trump grassroots candidate that the party needs going forward into this election cycle. He has the connections, the work ethic, and the drive to represent Arizona at the RNC. What makes Brett Mecum stand out the most is that he already is well known at the RNC and has an outstanding repertoire with them. Please stand with me in supporting Brett Mecum.”

Carolyn Leff
GOP Activist
CD 6, LD 23

“I have had the privilege of working with Brett on a couple of projects. Brett has shown integrity and truly cares about doing what is best for those he represents. One of the qualities that I appreciate about Brett is his tenacity. Brett does not quit until he has accomplished the task. We need leaders with tenacity representing us.”

Kristie Blackman
AZGOP Activist and Navajo County Delegate
CD 1, LD 6

“I am happy to endorse Brett Mecum as National Committeeman. Brett has been dedicated to our conservative agenda for years, he is a natural choice.”

Mark Finchem
State Representative and AZGOP Executive Committee Member
LD 11

“Brett Mecum is a proven grassroots leader with integrity, drive, and the ability to be the voice for Arizona Republicans at the Republican National Committee. I stand with Brett and hope you will too.”

Brett Roberts
State Representative
LD 11

“Brett’s always been a solid conservative and solid supporter of President Trump. He’s always been a hard worker and loyal guy. He’s exactly who we need representing us at the Republican National Committee. He has my wholehearted support and endorsement for Republican National Committeeman.”

Joe Arpaio
Former Maricopa County Sheriff

“Brett is one of the most hardworking and loyal people you will ever meet. He gets a large degree of credit for the electoral successes Arizona had in both 2008 and 2010. He is also well liked and respected at the White House and the RNC. He is the absolute right choice to continue the conservative legacy that Bruce Ash and I started as Arizona’s last two National Committeeman. He is the right grassroots conservative to represent Arizona."

Randy Pullen
Former AZGOP Chairman, RNC Treasurer, and National Committeeman

“I’ve known Brett for a very long time. I brought him to the AZ House as my Deputy Chief of Staff for his integrity, loyalty, and belief in our shared conservative values. He’s tough and tenacious and will be a strong grassroots voice for all Arizona Republicans. I fully support him for National Committeeman.”

David Gowan
State Senator and former Speaker of the House
LD 14

“No nonsense and straight forward, Brett Mecum has served the Republican party of Arizona with dedication and hard work. He is strategic, and knows how to win elections."

Kathleen Winn
Maricopa County Community College District Board Member and AZFRW 3rd Vice President

“As a former Marine Corps Gunnery Sergeant, I know a warrior when I see one. Over the years, Brett Mecum has proven to be a conservative warrior and a grassroots fighter. He has been incredibly effective at anything he does. He is smart, tough, shrewd, and extremely loyal. His relationships with the White House, Trump Campaign, and Republican National Committee are second to none. He is by far the best choice to be Arizona’s next National Committeeman.”

Sonny Borrelli
State Senate Majority Whip
LD 05

“I’ve known Brett for many years, he is a steadfast conservative, and has demonstrated a commitment to help support and elect Republican candidates. I fully support him for National Committeeman.”

Bob Thorpe
State Representative
LD 06

“I’ve known Brett since his days at the Arizona Republican Party, he is a strong conservative activist who will fight for the grassroots at the Republican National Committee. He’ll work hard for all Arizona Republicans, both rural and city. I am proud to offer him my support.”

Sylvia Allen
State Senator
LD 06

“Brett and I go way back to his days at the Arizona Republican Party and my days at the Saddle Brooke Republican Club. I’ve always been impressed by Brett’s work ethic and dedication. He is a true conservative and the person we need right now fighting for Arizona at the Republican National Committee.”

Vince Leach
State Senator
LD 11

“Brett’s been a good friend and a steadfast worker for Republican causes over the years. He is someone who has in-depth relationships with the White House and Republican National Committee and understands how to build a successful GOP operation in Arizona. I’m proud to lend him my support and endorsement for his run for National Committeeman.”

Tony Rivero
State Representative
LD 21

“Brett is an excellent choice for National Committeeman as he is one of the few people who has the experience and relationships to President Trump and the Republican National Committee to bring vital resources to Arizona.”

Jeff Dial
Former State Senator
LD 18

“Brett is a hard-working Republican. He has always been there to support candidates whether you’re at the top of the ticket or the bottom. He has proven his commitment to the party many times over. He will serve Arizona well and I encourage you to support Brett as the National Committeeman Post."

Joe Hart
State Mine Inspector

“From the time I met him in 2007, Brett has always been a good friend to me and to Republicans in Cochise County. With redistricting on the horizon, there is no one better equipped to work with the AZGOP, RNC, and Republicans in the State Legislature on this critically important topic. He is the right choice for National Committeeman."

David Stevens
Cochise County Recorder

“There is no one in the race for National Committeeman who is more conservative, loyal, and hardworking than Brett Mecum. Witnessing his strong relationships with the White House first hand, I can say, without hesitation, that he is the best choice for Republican National Committeeman. I hope you will join me in supporting him.”

Leo Biasiucci
State Representative
LD 05

“Brett’s a tireless grassroots supporter and conservative activists. He understands Republican politics in both the rural and city parts of our state. He’s is the tough fighter and fierce advocate for liberty and freedom that we need on the Republican National Committee.”

John Fillmore
State Representative
LD 16

“Having known Brett for a long time and have seen him in action, I can tell you he is a sharp, dynamic, and thoughtful conservative strategist. He understands Arizona as a whole and is as much rural as he is city. His deep relationships with the Trump White House and the RNC will serve Arizona well and Brett is a very seasoned fundraiser. I’m happy to endorse Brett Mecum for Republican National Committeeman.”

Stuart McDaniel
Former Coconino County Republican Chairman

“Brett’s the tough as nails, no nonsense conservative that Arizona needs. I’ve known and worked with Brett for a long time and can tell you that he works extremely hard and is not afraid to fight to protect our grassroots conservative values.”

Frank Antenori
Former Arizona Senate Majority Whip

“Brett knows Arizona and how to get Republicans elected. He was a tremendous partner for Pinal County Republicans when we turned the county red and won historic races here. Brett Mecum as National Committeeman would be great for Arizona Republicans.”

Marty Hermanson
Former Pinal County Republican Chairman

“In the twelve plus years I’ve known Brett, he has always been a tireless worker for Republican causes. He knows the rural counties and is a strong supporter of President Trump. He is the person Arizona needs right now on the Republican National Committee.”

John Duane Rhodes
Graham County Republican Chairman

"I have worked closely with Brett and admire his conservative values and respect for the Constitution. He has my support and endorsement."

Walt Blackman
Arizona State Representative
LD 06

“For many years, I’ve known Brett Mecum to be a tireless conservative fighter who knows how to win elections for Republicans. He’ll be a strong voice for Arizona Republicans at the Republican National Committee and I wholeheartedly support and endorse him.”

Ron Ludders
AZGOP Executive Committee Member at Large, President of the Arizona Project and owner of GIG City Studios
CD 06

"I have known Brett for many years during my political career in both the Arizona House of Representatives and The Arizona Corporation Commission. I know first-hand that whoever gets that position must be trustworthy, a leader, and well respected not just at the office. But, also in their community. I do not take endorsements lightly. However; I strongly feel that Brett Mecum is the right candidate for the job as our next Arizona Republican National Committeeman. He will bring back the Reagan Conservative grassroots era to Arizona politics once again and will do a fine job of representing Arizona at the Republican National Committee."

Tom Forese
Former Arizona House of Representatives, Former Chairman of the Arizona Corporation Commission
LD 17

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