I am running to be YOUR National Committeeman. A voice for the grassroots and an advocate for conservative Republicans in every corner and every walk of life in Arizona.

I am a proud Trump Conservative and Reagan Republican, and it would be my honor to represent you and your ideas on the Republican National Committee. This race is not about me, but about the future. 2020 is a defining year for America, and re-electing President Donald Trump is job one. I want to fight for conservative Republicans from the top of the ticket to the bottom. US Senate, Congress, the State Legislature, County and City races are all up for grabs, and it’ll take all of us, working as a team, to bring home conservative wins and reaffirm, in one voice, that Arizona is Republican Country!

I humbly ask for your vote and support and look forward to being your conservative voice on the Republican National Committee.

God bless and Onward to Victory!


Why I'm Running

Grassroots First: The Number One lesson I learned as Executive Director of the Arizona Republican Party: the GRASSROOTS of our party MATTERS! As National Committeeman, I will FIGHT to ensure the Republican Party remains the party of the grassroots. From deployment of resources, to national convention, to our party platform and our presidential nominating process, I’ll be YOUR CONSERVATIVE VOICE at the RNC and keep the Republican Party the bottom up party of the GRASSROOTS!

Arizona Always: Arizona has grown to be a very critical and important state on the national stage and is a MUST WIN state for the GOP. As YOUR national committeeman, I’ll be an Arizona Advocate to ensure that we have the right plan and the right resources to keep ARIZONA RED!

First in the West: Arizona is one of the fastest growing states in the nation and we’re the best western bellwether state for the rest of the country. As YOUR national committeeman, I’ll fight for Arizona to be the FIRST IN THE WEST during the presidential primary and put our great state in the nation spotlight.

A Convention at Home: In 2012 and 2016, Arizona was passed over to host the Republican National Convention. In 2020, we didn’t even bid. Given the importance of Arizona in the presidential math and all we have to offer Republicans nationally, it’s time Arizona hosted the Republican National Convention. As Republican National Committeeman, I’ll make it my mission to build a coalition and infrastructure to put together a successful proposal and bring the Republican National Convention to Arizona!

Ready to Lead: I’m a battle tested conservative campaigner who understands how both the RNC and the AZGOP works. My experience as Executive Director of the AZGOP and with Conservative Speaker of the House David Gowan, combined with my deep relationships with President Trump’s administration, Arizona's elected Republicans, and GOP donors give me the RIGHT relationships to be an effective Republican National Committeeman for YOU!

Conservative Principles…Western Values.

Yes! I want to join Brett

and lend my name, support, and likeness to his run for Republican National Committeeman from Arizona.

About Brett

Brett Mecum, a conservative in the mold of Donald Trump and Ronald Reagan is running to become Arizona’s National Committeeman. He’s a strong, day one, supporter of President Trump and a proven fighter for Arizona conservative principles.

Brett is a longtime government relations professional and public servant. During the 2016 Presidential Election, he worked for the Donald J. Trump for President campaign, including field work and recount projects in both Michigan and Wisconsin. He was also involved in the Presidential Inaugural Committee, working in the office of Public Liaison.

During the 2018 election cycle, Brett led a number of independent expenditure committees and SuperPACs helping Republicans in a variety of states throughout the country.

He served as Deputy Chief of Staff to Arizona Speaker of the House David Gowan, the Federal and Legislative Liaison to Arizona State Attorney General Tom Horne, and Executive Director and Political Director of the Arizona Republican Party.

During his time at the AZGOP, Brett was critical to the strategic planning and execution that lead to Republicans gaining super-majorities in both houses of the Arizona Legislature.

He is the son of a State Trooper and originally from a small rural community in upstate New York. A lifelong Republican, he has been involved at all levels of the Republican Party and has made the Grand Canyon State his home since 2007. He is a life member of the National Rifle Association and a fundraising bundler for the Trump Victory Fund.

A practicing Catholic and graduate of Project CENTRL Class XXV, Brett is an avid sailor and sabre fencer and spends his time studying US Foreign Relations, World History, and US Space Policy.

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